There is lots of information on the internet about the coronavirus so we've taken the time to provide you some links that we hope you'll find valuable. We'll continue to add new stuff so check back and share this page.

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Corona News in Egypt

Top Corona Health Sites

It helps to follow advice from the world's leading authorities on health and the overall pandemic. You'll find amazing resources, updated statistics and critical advice. 

Corona Number Tracker

Visual displays of global COVI-19 statistics.

Career Advice

The coronavirus is going to have a significant impact on our professional and personal lives. Have a look at the below resources if you find yourself out of a job, want to improve yourself or if you are worried about your career.     

For Employers

As an employer, these are tough times. It's hard to predict the future and we need to make sure we are also focused on the present. See the below resources to try and give you advice and support to keep your business running during the pandemic.

Working from Home

If you are new to working from home, it's very different from working from the office. The below resources will give you guidance on best practices and how to make the most out of the current situation.     

New to Working from Home

Remote Tools

Remote work means that you need to use remote tools. With these links, you'll learn how to set up and attend remotes meeting and we provide ways to find the right remote tools to use.   

How to ZOOM

How to Hangout Meets

How to set up a ZOOM Meeting

How to join a ZOOM Meeting (iOS)

How to join a ZOOM Meeting (Windows)

ZOOM tutorials from ZOOM

How to set up Google Meet easy

How to set up Google Meet (Detailed)

How to join a Google Meet meeting.

Top video conferencing tools

Top collaboration tools

Dealing with Kids and Work

Working from home probably also means working with kids at home. 

We all need to know how to work effectively while they are around.  

Things to Occupy Your Kids

Looking for online resources for keeping the kids occupied. This list will help them learn, have fun and stay busy.

Keeping Mentally Well

Nothing is more important than our mental well being. It's easy to get down and we always need motivation. There are lots of online resources to help us through tough times.  

Staying Fit

As well as being mentally fit, we need to keep physically fit. Our bodies and minds work together to keep us healthy and strong.

Fun Stuff

Take time out of your day to enjoy yourself. Stay away from all the negativity and check out the sites below for great games and entertainment websites.  

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